Joseba Eskubi - More selections from the ongoing series Insomnia and Hypnosia

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Joseba Eskubi

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Craig Wylie - More from the series AB (2011)

1. Drift

2. Prayer

3. Shatter

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Eduardo Mata Icaza born in Costa Rica in 1984 is an artist graduated from the School of Fine Arts in the University of Costa Rica. He currently lives and workes in Marseille, France.  Icaza’s paintings mixes realistic, anatomical images of the human body with abstract shapes lines and looks at ideas of humanity and existence has been shown in both solo and group exhibitions. 

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Beata Chrzanowska, Out (2011), acrylic on canvas, 29.5 x 31 inches. Via

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Hans Silvester

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Teodora Axente


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Michael Borremäns

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Balenciaga - Guggenheim Act 1 by Gillian Wearing & Paul Cox for Pop Magazine, S/S 2011

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Nevena Prijić

"Greed II"

Oil on Canvas

150 cm x 100 cm


"Seeking For Perfection"

Oil on Canvas

100 cm x 120 cm


"Bad Kids III"

Oil on Canvas

177 cm x 206 cm


"Vuitton Love"

Oil on Canvas

100 cm x 120 cm


Part of the  "Love Dolls"  Series

"The influence of culture and media in the 21st century on man presents a main field of research in my pictures. Psychology of individual who is marked by brands and obsessed with beauty could easily go to extremes and could also be lost in the realm of excessive consumption, pill addiction, glamour and plastic surgery. Immoderate plasticity and body siliconization present an ideology of 21st century. Globalization is responsible for rapid standardization of aesthetic beauty of humans around the world. Unique ideal of human beauty is defined by media mainly through advertising and Hollywood movies. Nowadays, the empty beauty such as Barbie doll is appreciated – a plastic doll with perfect body proportions whose hobby is shopping. Consumer desire is in some way a form of sexual desire. In my pictures you can see characters deep into their abundant debauchery of everything, instant fulfillment of desire whether material of sexual. Desire, buy, spend, throw away and desire again. Such a swift discharge starts to leave out the desire which is the most beautiful part, and consequently brings to spiritual emptiness and exhaustion. The process of painting and idea is based on searching for human models suitable for the concept, commonly people from various spheres – fashion, film, TV or simply celebrities. Than I take pictures of them and use those photos as templates for pictures that are made in oil on canvas technique."

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Francis Bacon, ‘Study for Portrait on Folding Bed’ (1963). Oil paint on Canvas.

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Lola Dupre

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Sangduck Kim, It’s Nothing, 45.7 x 35.8 in, oil on canvas, 2011, image courtesy of the artist.

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Sangduck Kim, The Place of no.909_J, 35.8 x 28.3”, oil on canvas, 2010, image courtesy of the artist.

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Sangduck Kim, no.202_G, 46 x 35.8 x 1.5”, oil on canvas, 2013, image courtesy of the artist.

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